Instinct vs. Analysis vs. Lady Gaga

We’ve been talking a lot about Analysis lately.  I wanted to put my hypocrite hat on for a little bit here and talk about the value of Instinct in Analysis.  When you sit down with your data and you you’re assigning values to various realities of your project, the cause effect analysis often leaves you with gaps, with area’s you’ll have to make an educated guess with, and that marketers instinct comes out.

What makes Lady Gaga popular?  Why do we still love Britney Spears after she went crazy and cut off all her hair?  Why will we all eventually forgive Tiger Woods and start slapping our logo all over him again?  Because the instinct is there, the faith is there that even though they slip, their instincts will lead them back towards success.

There is absolutely nothing special about Lady Gaga.  If anything, she is the biggest marketing success of the last ten years.  I’ve always wondered how much of the “gaga image” is actually her, how much of Stefani Germanotta shows through at the end of the recording?  There are stylists, producers, publicists, media analysts, an entire army of professionals with psychology degrees able to say “this is what will get the reaction we’re looking for.”

They have the instinct, and they pair their instinct with analysis to find that exact right way to be obscene, the specific events they should attend, or NOT attend.  Which bloggers to flirt with, and where to go from there.

Watch the video. This is vintage Gaga, Stefani Germanotta.  Someone said to the poor girl, “you’re not a purple cow darling, sorry” and she was re-imagined as this new person.  A producer named Fusari came up with her stage name from the queen song “Radio Ga Ga” and only because of a text message autocorrect error was “Lady GaGa” sent to her phone instead.

There was instinct.  That instinct made it work, that instinct was true.  That instinct has sold millions of records.

So if Lady Gaga was created practically by accident, and truly the efforts of numerous experts and analysts, at the end of the day someone had to take that data and formulate a plan.  What does Lady Gaga have to do with your own analysis vs. instinct?  That is up to you.

Have your instincts been true?  Have you let failure cast doubts upon your instincts?  I know very well educated people who have the instincts of a blind mole rat.  I also know people who barely finished High School who can craft thought into form and those are the people I’m going to put my money on.  Which are you?

Analysis is important.  Running on instinct alone is foolish, but at the end of the day, the ability to take that data, take those sales figures, those audience reports, that keyword metric, and say “based on this information, I believe this is our next step.”

What is your next step?  Are you going to be a Stefani Germanotta or a Lady Gaga?

Do you trust your instincts?