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EntreLeadership Here We Come!

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If you’re not a fan of Dave Ramsey, well, you really should be. Dave is the kind of speaker who breaks down a lot of “shoulds” and gives them to you in easy to follow steps. His fame, of course, comes from talking about getting out, and staying out, of debt.

San Antonio is going to be host to the EntreLeadership Master Series, a great place to learn directly from Dave how to grow your business. I’ve just signed up for the program, and as I know many of you reading this might benefit, I wanted to share this video.

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Is Social Media ROI a Myth?!

I follow Simon Salt on Twitter, and I just finished reading his blog “Why There is No Social Media ROI“. Simon’s blog started out by challenging: “There are a lot of people who will tell you, in great detail if you let them, about Social Media ROI. These people do not know what they are talking about.” Would you say you agree with this?

Simon’s stance is that “Likes” & “Follows” do not equate to cash, thus you cannot calculate an ROI. I agree that “Likes” and “Follows” alone hold no cash value, but using Google Analytics you CAN drill down to a measurable Social Media ROI figure.

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Image Freedom Gets a Facelift

I am very excited to welcome you to the new Image Freedom web site! Endless appreciation to the amazing design abilities of Juan Barrera and the Blue Clover crew and the programming mastery of David Stinemetze and Internet Direct. We now have what I feel is one of the best looking SEO Company sites out there.

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Does Gary Vaynerchuk think you’re a Clown?!

Social Media has become one of those buzz words that, like SEO, means different things to different people.  Recently Gary Vaynerchuck went on a TechCrunchTV spot and was quoted as saying that “99.5% of Social Media experts are clowns.”  Popular because of his Wine Library TV videos and writings about Social Media, Vaynerchuk went on to defend his comments on his blog.

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