Monthly Archives: July 2011

Does The www. Even Matter?

Yesterday via Facebook, Holly Hoffman asked us: “Are there any SEO pros or cons to having the www. or not? Some sites do and some don’t.” Today’s video addresses that and talks a bit about the canonicalization mess many websites find themselves in.

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Do you really need a .com domain?

Domain extensions, like .com and .net are almost as old as the internet itself. We’re very used to visiting or, or in my case Typically you see businesses with a .com, but does the .com help your SEO, or is it just a preferred extension for businesses?

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Video: A Good Website Goes A Long Way

We know that you want to rank highly on the search engines, but does that mean we can neglect our website to favor our SEO? Absolutely not! In this video we discuss how the behavior of your website visitors can impact your rankings on Google.

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Google+ Could Change Everything (but probably won’t)

The Google+ bandwagon is accepting new residents by the hour. Posts exist calling out how Facebook’s days are numbered, or how it’s LinkedIn that should really be afraid of Google+, etc. Everyone has an opinion, typically a strong one, and typically formulated without much actual time spent on Google+ or with the ear of decision makers at Google who could actually back up their theories.

It’s called Link Bait folks. The more outrageous the title of my blog is, the more likely it is to get clicked on, the more likely it is to be shared on Facebook or retweeted. We live in a sensationalist world, and the immediacy of the social web simply feeds into that. Sex sells, the death of SEO sells, the downfall of Facebook, all of this crap “sells papers” in the form of blog pageviews and social site backlinks. All of this hype is people trying to get a piece of the Google+ pie.

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