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Passion in SEO and the EntreLeader

I’m a big fan of financial expert Dave Ramsey.

That’s no secret to anyone who has been reading this blog for more than a few weeks.  We conduct our business 100% debt free.  We never spend other people’s money, take outside investors or generally spend money before we’ve earned it. So when Dave released a new book, titled EntreLeadership, I got pretty excited.

Dave Ramsey

Last night I was reading a ZenHabits blog titled Start Slow and guest blogger Dave Ursillo posed that to appreciate a slower life, a more dedicated life, we should start our day not by rushing off to the office to tackle that ToDo list but instead to read a chapter or two of a good book – a book that inspires us.

What better book to be inspired by than Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership?

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White Hat SEO Might Get You Beat Up

About a month ago, while doing research for one of our SEO clients, I came across one of their competitors who was buying links, lots of links, on various websites, blogs, and really surprising to me but local TV stations as well.  People “buy links” or purchase “paid links” because the more links your website has, the better you can then rank on Google.

Google doesn’t like this, as you can imagine. Google wants their search results to be based on the algorithm and tries very hard to prevent that algorithm from getting gamed. Links, according to the “White Hat SEO” theorem that we subscribe to, should be earned.

Matt Cutts Kills A Kitten When You Buy Links

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