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Online Content: Poor Grammar Makes You Look Lazy

“Being a grammarian is never going to make you a social butterfly at a party,” a wise writing professor once told me. “But at least no one will ever doubt your intelligence.”

Having come from a newswriting background, reading online content makes me cringe. Wait a minute, did you just use the wrong kind of “to” on your company homepage? Oh, boy. When I see this blatant disregard for the English language, not only does it make my inner nerd sad, but it makes me question the competency of said company.

Poor Grammar in Online Content

Landing on your homepage is often my first interaction with your brand. If it’s riddled with juvenile writing errors, I’m going to doubt if you can be trusted with my money. Relaxed writing style may be acceptable in personal emails and text messages, but it has no place in customer-facing content.

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Pinterest and Why Distilled Is Amazing

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Two weeks from now the Image Freedom team will be closing our comic books and hopping a plane over to Boston for our favorite Link Building Conference, LinkLove 2012. Not only does LinkLove have amazing speakers like Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz, Rhea Drysdale from Outspoken Media, and one of our all time favorites Wil Reynolds from SEER Interactive, but they’ve done something recently which I think really deserves special note: They’re taking on the topic of Pinterest.

Everyone has been talking about Pinterest lately, if you don’t know, Pinterest is a new kind of social network where you can pin topics to your board and collect topics and content that interests you in a sort of advanced tumblr style. I think it’s neat but I’m one of those non-believers that doesn’t yet see power there for small businesses (big brands, maybe, but small and medium sized businesses, not so much).

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