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Introducing Isabella, the SEO Cat

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My wife Sara and I stumbled upon this little 5-week old kitten that was up for adoption at the PetCo location across from North Star Mall. Apparently someone had just dumped her in the PetCo parking lot. We’d been on the hunt for a new hire for a new SEO Outreach Coordinator and decided rather than hire a human, we’d just train the cat!

We’ve got “chasing Matt’s finger” down, but she’s struggling with the advanced Link Building techniques, so I GUESS we’re still hiring for the HUMAN SEO Outreach Coordinator position. Keep them applications coming!

Social Media Pisses Me Off

Social Media has become a buzzword used in as many meaningless ways as SEO often is, to make folks sound smarter, to make someone sound like they’re ahead of the curve, etc. (maybe this blog should be called “Buzzwords Piss Me Off”). For every hundred people claiming they “do social media” only a tiny handful have the slightest clue.

I was listening to the audiobook for UnMarketing by Scott Stratten on the drive back from my Honeymoon this past weekend (I highly recommend it, it’s even in paperback now). What I love about UnMarketing is that Scott didn’t write a book about Social Media, he wrote a book about integration, about customer service, about – as he declared it – “UnMarketing” vs. traditional “throw advertising at it” tactics to growing a business.

Texts From Hillary Clinton to Scott Stratten

For as much love and respect as Scott gets, I’d wager too few people who rep his book have actually read the thing. Forgive me if this is you, but I’d wager more often than not books like Scott’s get skimmed for what few buzzwords they do contain and just enough wisdom is pulled out to be later quoted out of context or simply ignored.

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