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Would Don Draper Buy Links?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
– Sir Arthur Charles Clarke

It’s been an ugly week for SEOs. Google recently updated their search algorithm, the mathematical brains behind the operation that tells us which picture of the Florida Zombie ranks #1. This recent update, Penguin, comes as a follow up to 2011’s Panda Update that seeks to improve how Google rates an individual webpage, and how it handles inbound links. Some sites handled the changes better than others.

What would Don Draper Do?  Jon Hamm

Not far behind the launch of Penguin, as if the Spur’s coach Greg “Pops” Popovich told the SEO industry to “I Want Some Nasty!”, there has been a rabble in the wind following a blog post written by Josh Davis, a Social Media consultant from Lawrence, Kansas. In his blog, Josh “outs” a company called iAcquire for approaching him to purchase a link on his blog for the Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.

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Image Freedom goes to Career Day

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When we’re not busy saving the world on the Internet, the team at Image Freedom enjoys taking a break and saving the world in a classroom occasionally instead. This past week, team member Roberto Miranda and I were invited to speak at a Career Day event at Dorie Miller Elementary, an SAISD school on the east side of San Antonio.

As dozens of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders filed into the school cafeteria for the opening speaker, Roberto and I looked around anxiously. SEO is hard enough to explain to middle-aged adults. How in the world were we going to get 8-and 9-year-olds inspired to pursue a career in new media marketing? (To add to the pressure, the fire department, EMS and the Air Force were in attendance to put on a big show and out-do us with colorful flashing lights and captivating stories.)

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Show Me Your SEO Docs!

Back in October I wrote a piece for SEOmoz titled “The Business of SEO: Perception vs. Reality“. SEOmoz has a great community of YouMoz bloggers where those of us in the community who like to write can contribute freely to their blog and sometimes, as mine did, get promoted to the main SEOmoz blog.

SEO Website Evaluation Docs

Not only is that a great way to get yourself out there, but the conversations that come from the SEOmoz blog are insanely valuable. I wound up sharing a couple of PDFs of the Image Freedom documents that we share with prospective clients. We shared a preview of the proposal that we use, and our new business cards, vs. the old, etc.

The response was fantastic!

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The New Kids on the Block

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I really suck at hiring. You’ll never see me on the cover of Inc. Magazine: “Matthew Egan Receives Human Resources Manager of the Year Award”; it’ll simply never happen. Thankfully I’m surrounded by some pretty awesome people, and copywriter extraordinaire Laureen Kattan stepped in and tackled our hiring with finesse.

Help Wanted Careers in SEO

I’m stubborn, and when I’d first seen that LinkedIn charged about $200 to list your job, I scoffed. Up until now, I’d used Craigslist, blog posts and social media, and I figured I had this hiring thing nailed. I was so wrong. Laureen posted our job, this time seeking a couple of SEO Outreach Coordinators to focus on Link Building and so forth.

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