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The Sad Ethical State of SEO

Today we’re excited to launch the first episode of Inbound Zen – The Inbound Marketing Podcast. Rather than do a lengthy launch, we decided to dive right in with a show tackling the ethical state of SEO and Internet Marketing. Often we hear from clients who have been burned by their designer or even by other SEOs and we think it’s time that stopped.

Thanks for listening, we’d love your feedback in the comments.

Inbound Zen Episode #1 – The Sad Ethical State of SEO


How Talking About My ADHD Helped Me Fight It

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When I was in the third grade, I started taking Ritalin for my ADHD. I was a hyper kid, and my grades were always suffering. I had a hard time focusing on my homework. It’s not that I had anything better to do at eight years old; I was just bored out of my mind.


Growing up with ADHD, you pick up a lot of baggage attached to your self-esteem. I didn’t know the details of what my ADHD meant, and so to me, I was just a slacker, a bad student, an overall failure. I don’t think parents realize how hard it can be for a young person coping with ADHD and feeling like no matter how hard they try, their impulse-control problems from the ADHD makes it that much harder to succeed.

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Are You Pursuing The Dream or Trying To Buy It?

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The other day I got an e-mail from Scott Stratten that ended with a very profound quote. Scott said, “There is more money being made in selling the dream than pursuing it. Be careful.” Does this resonate with you like it did with me? It was just a P.S. at the end of Scott’s newsletter, but I sat there with it for a moment and I’d really like you to do the same.

That’s powerful right? There are a million books out there about self help, ten million blogs, hell even Scott himself is popular because he helps people better master their marketing, or rather their UnMarketing, to grow their business. Every copy of his book that has sold, sold based on the dream, not based on a guarantee. “Your results may vary” as they always say.

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10 Totally Serious Ways To Build Links Without A Computer

The team at Image Freedom is obsessed with the Internet. And I mean like really obsessed. There’s not a single meme or viral video out there that we haven’t shared with each other. Usually within minutes of it being posted. But once in a while (on very rare occasions), we like to power down our iMacs, venture out into the blinding Texas sun and interact with real human beings. In real life.

So we gave ourselves a challenge. Come up with 10 ways to build links that don’t require a computer. The results came in very mixed: some ideas could earn you a legitimate link or two, some will get you thrown in jail, and others were just downright ridiculous. But hey, they’ll get people talking about you at the very least, right?

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