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This Week In Web: Arson, Disappointment, and Bacon

And just like that, it’s already Friday! Get ready for another dose of dumb/weird/awesome videos that helped us make it through this week.

If You Play With Fire, You’re Going to Get Burned Sued.

As kids, most of us learned that fire is not a toy and “grown-ups” are the only ones who are allowed to light the stove, candles, etc. We all branched out though and tried it for ourselves at least once and that usually led to someone or something getting burned. Once that happens, you gain a whole new respect for fire and the damage and pain it can cause.

This guy never learned.

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SEO Amnesty: I Forgive You (No, Really!)

There are SEOs out there who are afraid of supporting change in the SEO Industry because they know they once upon a time bought links. I’ve decided that as an industry, we cannot move forward unless all is forgiven, we have a clean slate, and we are only going to worry about what our peers do moving forward, and not get lost in the past.

Won’t you join me?

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Inbound Zen Episode #4 – SEO Amnesty: I Forgive You (No, Really!)


Attack The Darkness with SEO: The Game

Today we have a guest Infographic from Jarrod Wright of Subtle Network. SEO is certainly a geek powered affair, and what better way to celebrate the nerdery than with twenty-sided dice and a little Cheeto’s and Mountain Dew.

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This Week In Web: Bad Interviews, Mad Umpires, and Movie Magic

Happy Friday! We know you’ve been watching the Olympics all week instead of getting important work done so go ahead and waste a couple more minutes and check out what is going on this week in web.

Ryan Lochte Shouldn’t Do Interviews

If you are an athlete competing in the Olympics, you are bound to get some media attention at some point during the games. With a small amount of media training by their coaches and a little bit of intelligence, most athletes do just fine when participating in interviews or other media related events. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that every athlete gets the same type of training or even has enough intelligence to stumble through an interview semi-gracefully.

BuzzFeed put together a compilation of interviews of US Olympic athlete Ryan Lochte from the past few years and titled it “Great Swimmer, Bad Interview.” It showcases Lochte’s media talent and smarts or lack thereof.

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