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Hey Newsies! Meta Keywords are back! (sorta)

One of the tricks that SEOs play on the uninformed or the outdated is to ask them how they treat the classic Keywords Meta Tag. I cringe whenever an agency tells me “We’ll just cram all that into the meta tags!” They think themselves clever, having somehow stayed “one step ahead of Google”. All they did was waste their clients time.

Will McAvoy on HBO's The Newsroom

It’s true, Google hasn’t relied on the Meta Keywords tag for a very long time, and spending any amount of time cramming keywords in there is a waste of time… or is it?

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iOS 6: How does Apple Maps impact your business?

Today is an important day as Apple becomes a part of every SEO’s life. If you connect your iDevice to iTunes you’ll be able to download Apple’s new iOS 6, which among other things introduces Apple Maps (Apple’s answer to the long standing Google Maps app they’d previously relied on). Many business owners have asked us how Apple Maps will operate compared to Google Maps and what they need to do to make sure their business is  friends with Siri.

Apple's iOS 6

Apple’s new “Maps” app is powered by, and while Google Maps (formerly Google Places, now labeled Google+ Local) is still a major component of your local SEO for Android devices and computers, Yelp is suddenly a much larger player in local search. It’s time to start creating your Yelp profile.

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A Gift of Gold

This past February 29th I got married. It’s funny, we kept it simple, and even in the time of Facebook and instant gratification most of my friends STILL don’t know that Sara and I got married. Even though I post pictures almost every day like the ones I’m going to be talking about today. The ones involving a watch, and some wrapping paper.

Kay Jewelers Watch

My wife Sara’s birthday was in August and it was her first birthday we’d be celebrating as a married couple, so of course I had to get it right! Thankfully, she made it easy on me one trip to the Shops at La Cantera when she pointed out a watch that she really liked inside a Kay Jewelers store. Rather than play it cool (Me? Never!) I bought it on the spot so she wouldn’t have to wait (and I wouldn’t have to keep the secret).

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This Week In Web: Coca-Cola, Iron Man Gadgets, and Taylor Swift

The three day weekend is over and it’s time to get back to work! Or maybe you should relax just a little bit longer and check out our internet finds from the past couple of weeks! It’s been a while since our last “This Week In Web” post and we’ve been pretty busy, but we are getting back on schedule so make sure and check back next week for more.

Coca-Cola Takes A New Perspective And Makes Everyone Feel Better

In this uplifting commercial, Coca-Cola takes a different perspective on life by looking at the world through the lens of security cameras. The cameras record moments of happiness, love, bravery and more. Some of these seem almost too good to have been caught on tape and I figure a few could be scripted, but either way, they have helped restore my faith in humanity.

Will this commercial get people out in droves to buy Coca-Cola products? Not Necessarily. However, it does give me a reason to make a positive association with their brand.  I hope you’re taking notes Pepsi!
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