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The Farce That is Google+ (Expanded)

Sitting down to my desk this morning, I did what I always do after checking e-mail, I checked Facebook. I like Facebook, I like Facebook more than Twitter even and I like chatting, debating, sharing, and laughing at the random stuff people post. Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing and his recent The Book of Business Awesome/Unawesome shared his recent blog titled The Farce That Is Google+.


Loved it. Scott spoke on how Google loves to pad Google+’s numbers to make the crummy Facebook clone look like it’s actually a hotbed of activity, but sadly, I’m with Scott, the only people I know that really love Google+ are marketers wanting to plant their flag at the mountain’s peak. Twitter experts (like Mr. Stratten, come to think of it) were a specific set of folks, and knowing that every “wannabe Chris Brogan” wanted their crack at the title this time around, they flocked to Google+ in droves.

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Top 5 (mostly) Tech Toys of 2012

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When I started writing online back in 2001 I was the Gaming Editor for a website called I would receive packages almost daily with products ranging from Decipher’s Trading Card Game to Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings minis.

So coming from that background of product reviews, previews and new relase coverage, it’s hard for me not to review products and talk about the important business equipment (read: toys) that made 2012 such a fun year to “geek out” in.

So with that in mind, I give you my Top 5 (mostly) Tech Toys of 2012!

Number Five – Apple’s 15″ Retina MacBook Pro

I’ve always been a fan of Apple’s portables and the MacBook Pro line in general has always had a lot of praise even from PC Magazine, who named the 13″ Retina MacBook Pro their Editor’s Choice. What I love most about the Retina MacBook Pro is how fast it is. I’m not a designer but I do all of our documents in InDesign and I have to edit images frequently for this blog and for client website’s, etc.

Retina MacBook Pro

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The Simplicity of Choice

Picked up the September issue of Harvard Business Review off a shelf in the office and sat back to read the cover story: The (surprisingly) Simple Rules of Strategy. I’ve always loved Harvard Business Journal for these types of pieces because it turns conventional wisdom on it’s head and I felt it really applied in the SEO space.

Which path will you choose?

The article begins with a review of traditional strategy, collecting as much data as we can and often with no thought for how that data can be leveraged or acted on to create a result. I was amused by this as I see it every day in our industry, be it search or design, collecting ALL data for the sake of collecting it. There are entire jobs created at some agencies for “Analytics Ninjas” and the like.

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Home Sweet Home

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve finished moving and are now settled into our new space at 2318 San Pedro Ave. It’s a street front location across from Mark Twain Middle School and has plenty of parking and is a lot easier to get to than our downtown office. We hated driving downtown as much as you did!

Check out these photos of our new San Antonio SEO workplace and feel free to stop by for your choice of freshly brewed goodies from the Keurig.


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Getting My Ass Kicked Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

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It’s something I don’t talk about often, and maybe I should, but I came from a physically abusive home. My step-father growing up used to act out his dysfunction by knocking me around, throwing things, yelling, what have you. As sick as this may sound, I’ve been realizing more and more lately how valuable having a “dysfunctional” childhood was.

Business is dysfunctional. Life is dysfunctional. Pick yourself up and get over it.

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