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Amazing Customer Service Could Save a Life

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Last week was one for the record books.  This time of year always is, with many businesses getting their new year budgets finally released and setting out to do that marketing thing, but also due to my mentoring at TechStars Cloud.  Every year the TechStars Cloud group brings about a dozen companies from all over the world to learn from about 60 or so mentors, like me, on anything from raising money, to how to market their service or how to reach their target audience.

Sophie's Heart

My busy week concluded Friday with a big “fly in” day where mentors came from all over to help these companies in a big “mass mentorship” day.  Only problem was, I was out of business cards.  Mentors love to hand out business cards, I have a small stack of them from folks I’ll likely never see or hear from again, but hey if I ever have a question that only a computer science engineer from IBM could answer… I’m set!

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More Money More Problems

I’ve always believed that success is one of the worst things that could happen to a person, or a brand.  I learned that one of my favorite gaming websites,, is going to be shutting down and their staff relocated to now parent company IGN (or fired).

I wasn’t so much a fan of itself, but the news section was great, similar to engadget in that it was true simple reporting.  Kotaku doesn’t do it for me, IGN feels like it’s 100% advertising spam, and I’ve long been a believer that most video game content, especially reviews, are driven by advertising revenue above all else.  (For example – I guess Capcom didn’t pay IGN well enough to earn a higher review for the AMAZING DmC: Devil May Cry reboot.  Really, 8.5?!  It’s easily a 9.5 or a 10!)

Matt with Mark Hamill, Richard Taylor, Daniel Falconer and the Weta Workshop Team

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