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Bounty Hunters: Find us a Programmer!

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Bounty Hunters

“Bounty Hunters!  We don’t need their scum.” – Captain Firmus Piett

Well ok, so maybe we DO need your scum, and of course we mean that in the most respectful way possible (if that’s even possible).  Image Freedom is looking for a full time programmer fluent in WordPress, Joomla, jQuery, HTML5, and overall modern website programming and development, and if you help us find that programmer we’re prepared to pay you a cool thousand bucks!

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UPDATE: Gratuitous Newborn Puppy Pictures

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If you’ve been following the Image Freedom Facebook (shame on you if you aren’t!) you’ve been watching the developing story of Sophie, the incredibly pregnant momma dog that we adopted from outside our favorite print shop on the south side of San Antonio. Well she had puppies, and tomorrow night they will be two weeks old.

Image Freedom's Adopted Puppies

It was an incredibly emotionally exhausting process, the vet had told us that Sophie was pregnant with 7-9 puppies, and that everything looked good, heartbeats, etc. Unfortunately, Sophie was actually pregnant with THIRTEEN little babies, but as a stray dog she wasn’t getting the nutrients to support all of these little gifts and we lost seven of the babies, six stillborn, and one that passed away the following day.

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TechStars Cloud 2013 – That’s a Wrap!

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The last four months have been pretty intense, and not just because we adopted a pregnant momma dog, but also because I’ve been mentoring some amazing companies as a part of the TechStars Cloud startup accelerator program.  Today marked demo day, the final day for the 2013 class, and the presentations were amazing.

Techstars Cloud Mayor Julian Castro True Ability

I spent the last couple months of the program as a lead mentor for San Antonio local startup TrueAbility, founded by some former Rackers.  I got an e-mail saying that they’d like me to introduce them on Demo Day, but only if the mayor said no first!  Thankfully, (or unfortunately) Mayor Castro was already introducing the “second act” of demo day, so our friends at TrueAbility got the best of both worlds.  (Thanks guys, truly, for the honor of introducing you on Demo Day, it means a lot to me to be asked.)

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Happy Link Bait Appreciation Day!

April Fools Day is my favorite day of the year, and we’re already off to a great start with sites like announcing the return of Full House and office favorites ThinkGeek debuting their Dark Knight Rises Bane Walkie-Talkies.

Bane Mask Walkie Talkie

It’s all good fun right?  WRONG!  Not that creating hilarious content doesn’t fall into Wil Reynolds “Do Real Company Stuff” strategy, but yea, seriously, April Fools Day can be really really good for business, and for your SEO.

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