Image Freedom Takes Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

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It’s hard to have missed at least a couple of videos from the ALS Challenge. I’ll be honest, when I saw the videos I didn’t know what ALS was, I was aware of Lou Gehrig’s Disease which ALS is often called, but it wasn’t until the ALS Challenge started making the rounds that I took the time to learn more. That was the goal from the start – awareness and fundraising.

On August 18th I was challenged by my good friend Andrew Shaddox, and on top of donating $100 for each of the Image Freedom team members, we’ve also created our own video to meet the challenge.

But where does this come from? Who started the ALS Challenge? I found this video via Facebook and I learned a lot about both ALS symptoms, what someone with ALS lives with, as well as what the history of the ALS challenge is. Truly an awesome cause and an excellent social movement for an excellent cause.

You can donate to ALS here, and on behalf of myself and the team, we challenge Invader Zim himself Richard Horvitz, Eric Price from Japanime Games, and artist James Hance. Throwing down the ice bucket gauntlet!