The New Image Freedom Office

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For our first couple of years in business we operated in a shared space with another company. It was a great deal, cheap rent, we all benefited from being around eachother, etc. That said, you can only share a space for so long before you grow and need a space all your own. Well now we have it!

Image Freedom has moved down the street, from our original location in the Broadway Bank Building, to our new location in the Taylor Telecom Center at 100 Taylor Street. Inspired by the recent blog from our friends at Outspoken Media on their new office, we thought we’d share some photos from our own new space.

Comic Book Frames & Christmas TreeWe decided to proudly wave our Geek Flag with a entry display of some old and new comic books. Tried to be as cliche about it as possible, from classic moments in Comic Book history like the death of Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earth’s #7 to more recent book’s like DC’s New 52 Justice League #1. See if you can spot your favorites.

Comic Book Frames & Birthday DecorationsToday is Bob’s birthday! It’s a bit of a tradition that whoever’s birthday it is gets their area completely decked out. We jokingly call Bob “Bob The Builder” so his birthday cake was decorated with tools. Do you have an office tradition to celebrate birthdays?

Modern Office StorageOne thing we’ve always been lacking is office storage, so we went out and bought shelves and book cases to house some of our favorite books. Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership being prominently featured. We were fortunate enough to get a large stack of signed copies to give to our clients. Maybe we should do a contest with the blog to give away one of our remaining signed copies.

Matthew Egan's Desk, Iron Man, Phoenix, Iron Spider-manNot at all shy about waving the Geek Flag on my desk. That life sized Iron Man has to be the highlight of my collection. The thing is huge, it makes the 27″ Apple Cinema display look small! What nerdy trinkets do you have protecting your desk?

Modern Pixel Inspired Conference Room Here’s our new conference room. We realized that we spend a lot of our time, or my time specifically, traveling to and from meetings, so we wanted to deck out the conference room with enough gadgets that it would be silly not to invite clients in to meet with us.

LED Light Kit in Modern Conference RoomBig fans of Ikea, we decked out our “pixel” themed Conference Room with a LED light kit that caused the red “pixels” to glow. Reminds me of Simon from when we were kids.

We’re all really excited about the new space. What features have you invested in to make the most of your office experience? Share your story in the comments!