The New Kids on the Block

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I really suck at hiring. You’ll never see me on the cover of Inc. Magazine: “Matthew Egan Receives Human Resources Manager of the Year Award”; it’ll simply never happen. Thankfully I’m surrounded by some pretty awesome people, and copywriter extraordinaire Laureen Kattan stepped in and tackled our hiring with finesse.

Help Wanted Careers in SEO

I’m stubborn, and when I’d first seen that LinkedIn charged about $200 to list your job, I scoffed. Up until now, I’d used Craigslist, blog posts and social media, and I figured I had this hiring thing nailed. I was so wrong. Laureen posted our job, this time seeking a couple of SEO Outreach Coordinators to focus on Link Building and so forth.

The response was incredible!

People applied for this job from all over the country, and a few times even farther away than that. California, New York, North Carolina, Florida, the list goes on. All this at a time where we’re reading about people wanting to LEAVE San Antonio, here we are creating these creative jobs, two of them, that folks are saying just don’t exist here.

I was blown away. We started interviewing. Well okay, I was barred from the interview process. My wife, Sara, and Laureen stepped in, and whether in-person interviews with the Texas locals to Skype interviews for the national applicants, started weeding through these dozens of short-listed folks, narrowing them down to a handful for me to review.

I know, right! It’s like… we had an actual process! HAH! These things certainly don’t come naturally to me, as an ADHD kid, I shoot first and ask questions later; and that kind of assertive leap without looking attitude makes us amazing marketers, helps us thrive in the SEO world, but makes us far from the best organized.

So after a couple months of hiring like Dave Ramsey would, Laureen had covered our white board with the final five applicants and our discussions on the hiring kept coming back to two key names: Melinda & Andrew.

Our new San Antonio SEO Team

Was it a pain in the ass process? Sure! I’m sure Sara and Laureen would say even more so than it was for me as they had to interview EVERYONE. Did we “waste” a lot of money doing DiSC testing on folks we didn’t wind up hiring? Sure! Spending that money is far from a Stupid Tax though as we knew who we were hiring. Worth every penny.

So on behalf of our little band of SEO Vigilantes, I’m thrilled to introduce to you our new Outreach Team and welcome Andrew Mitschke and Melinda Price to the team. You can follow their antics on Twitter via @AndyMitty and @MelindaPrice respectively.