WhiteMoon Dreams kickstarts WarMachine: Tactics

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I’m a geek. I know that comes as an absolute shock, but yea, I’m a big gaming nerd, comic book nerd, what have you. As a kid, I used to skip class to go hang out in the computer lab where we’d challenge each other in little Photoshop challenges making website interfaces for Star Wars fan sites, video games, what have you. I’m a geek.


Growing up, I used to idolize the “game dev culture”. Big offices filled with toys, statues, all the kinds of crap you might see if you stopped by our office now, but back then I wanted to grow up to be a video game producer. I’ve been a professional blogger, and I’ve even worked in marketing at Nintendo of America, but the gaming industry has changed so much that publishers are taking fewer risks, and the games that seem to be coming out are more and more “of the same” vs. anything risky, anything exciting.

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25 Tweets That LOVED Sebastien De La Cruz’s Amazing National Anthem Performance at the Spurs Game

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Last night was an amazing night for Spurs fans, but circulating around are screenshots of racist Twitter users with hatred in their hearts. We felt that Sebastien De La Cruz did an amazing job singing the National Anthem, and he is as American as any of us.

The world can be pretty negative, but that wasn’t all there was.  We wanted to put this post together featuring the other side of the story, Twitter users local and abroad who were showing their love for Sebastien’s amazing performance. He nailed it!




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Dave Ramsey on Hiring Marketers

We’re pretty big fans of Dave Ramsey around here. Andrew and I just a few weeks back hit Austin for the EntreLeadership 1-Day event taught by Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan. We even lucked out and got to sit at Dave’s table at lunch, which was a pretty rare chance to pick his brain (and barely let finish his food, sorry Dave!).

Image Freedom with Dave Ramsey

Fast forward to this past Friday, I’m sitting at a stop light at San Pedro and Basse, and Dave is on the radio doing a special EntreLeadership special to celebrate the final day of their EntreLeadership Master Series week long look behind the Ramsey curtain.

One of the questions Dave answered really hit close to home and I wanted to share it with you as I feel like it echoes a lot of the frustration we experience cleaning up the messes of inexperienced marketers. Like he says, anyone that can spell Twitter suddenly considers themselves an expert, and that can be really dangerous if you aren’t careful about who you partner with, be it internet marketing, advertising, or social media.

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Bounty Hunters: Find us a Programmer!

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Bounty Hunters

“Bounty Hunters!  We don’t need their scum.” – Captain Firmus Piett

Well ok, so maybe we DO need your scum, and of course we mean that in the most respectful way possible (if that’s even possible).  Image Freedom is looking for a full time programmer fluent in WordPress, Joomla, jQuery, HTML5, and overall modern website programming and development, and if you help us find that programmer we’re prepared to pay you a cool thousand bucks!

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UPDATE: Gratuitous Newborn Puppy Pictures

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If you’ve been following the Image Freedom Facebook (shame on you if you aren’t!) you’ve been watching the developing story of Sophie, the incredibly pregnant momma dog that we adopted from outside our favorite print shop on the south side of San Antonio. Well she had puppies, and tomorrow night they will be two weeks old.

Image Freedom's Adopted Puppies

It was an incredibly emotionally exhausting process, the vet had told us that Sophie was pregnant with 7-9 puppies, and that everything looked good, heartbeats, etc. Unfortunately, Sophie was actually pregnant with THIRTEEN little babies, but as a stray dog she wasn’t getting the nutrients to support all of these little gifts and we lost seven of the babies, six stillborn, and one that passed away the following day.

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