Refine your Web Plan

Lately I’ve been organizing my life with the help of @MichellePoteet of Reclaim Order.  Michelle helps people connect with the organizational techniques that work for them.  I’ve purchased countless books, read blogs and just wasted a whole lot of time on other people’s plans for their own organization, instead of coming up with my own.  Michelle helped me do that.

The funny thing here is, the same does not apply to your web site.  We let perfect be the enemy of good in our personal lives, and we allow ourselves to be paralyzed by fear, but we cannot do this and still successfully navigate the online sector.  Does this mean your web site needs to have the biggest flash navigation and boldest color scheme?  Nope.  You just need to answer YES to our Web Design Fundamentals.

Can anyone find my web site?  Will they take some action when they get there?  Will they come back after they take that action?

This is an all or nothing endeavor.  Will you refine your plan over the years?  Of course!  What is important is establishing the plan to begin with.  How am I going to draw traffic to my web site?  Can I get by on SEO and Social Media or do I need to invest in Pay Per Click advertising?  Does my web site have a clear call to action?  Once my visitors have met the call to action, does my site give them a reason to return?

The important thing is to build the plan WITH your web professional, don’t let your web professional dictate these things to you.  I preach about how I know best, but it is still YOUR business, and I can never love your business like you do.

Refine your plan.  Ask those questions, make sure you’re always meeting the YES answer to each question.  Anything less than YES is unacceptable.