SEO Trends for Link Bait

Search Engines are starting to influence journalism in new and interesting ways.  My friend Donna Tuttle (@writeontime) pointed out the other day that the BBC was now using two headlines, one in standard attention getting style, and another more geared towards SEO and getting that article out on the web.  How are you catering your content to play well with the search engines?  Are you aiming your content at current trends?

It is December of 2009 and you can’t throw a Farmville Black Sheep without hitting an article about the troop surge in Afghanistan, Health Care Reform, or god forbid, Tiger Woods and his ‘women’.  Have you considered targeting your content to these current trends?  What is happening in the news right now that may act as fantastic bait to bring a reader onto your site?  Does your business allow you to comment on Health Care?  On the Video Music Awards perhaps?

We all strive to get that one keyword pointed our way, but we also need to be aware of the value of backlinks that have nothing to do with our targeted keywords.  The popularity of our blog, the volume of links back to us that we get, all play a role in how often our site is indexed by the search engines.  The more we are visited by those indexing crawlers, the more likely that new blog we wrote is to get picked up, or that new special we have on boxed jelly. (mmmm boxed jelly)

So how can you think outside the box this Holiday season?  How can you initiate contact with a new person, whom otherwise might have never heard of you?  Follow the trends in the news and on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Find that topic that you can get away with talking about, and talk about it!  You never know what kind of backlinks that might generate for you!

Just please… no more about Tiger Woods… so over it.