Show Me Your SEO Docs!

Back in October I wrote a piece for SEOmoz titled “The Business of SEO: Perception vs. Reality“. SEOmoz has a great community of YouMoz bloggers where those of us in the community who like to write can contribute freely to their blog and sometimes, as mine did, get promoted to the main SEOmoz blog.

SEO Website Evaluation Docs

Not only is that a great way to get yourself out there, but the conversations that come from the SEOmoz blog are insanely valuable. I wound up sharing a couple of PDFs of the Image Freedom documents that we share with prospective clients. We shared a preview of the proposal that we use, and our new business cards, vs. the old, etc.

The response was fantastic!

So I want to put this out there to my friends in the SEO industry and I’m going to need some buy in on this one, so please spread the word. Send me something client facing, that you want to show off. Do like I did, of course, and remove the names, the private data, etc. But send me what your clients see, an analytics report, a proposal, an e-mail template, whatever, so I can share with the SEOs on SEOmoz and we can help inspire younger SEO companies to kick their branding, and their business, up a notch.

Just shoot an e-mail to with an attachment or six and I’ll assemble the best of what we get in a new YouMoz article that I’ll submit to SEOmoz at the end of the week. You’ve been famous for lots of stuff, remember that Goat Meme you came up with? How about getting some credit for your ACTUAL WORK!

Anything particular that you want to see? Feel free to post in the comments here what types of documents you’d like to see and I’ll see if we can wrangle something up.