Social Media and the Purple Tweet

I never liked Twitter.  I was very much against it for a very long time.  I can look at my actual stats starting only in September of 09 and see literally a month where I only ‘tweeted’ 29 times.  Now my stats for the first 23 days of January and I’ve tweeted over 1,000 times.  That is half of my total tweets ever, just having passed 2,000 a couple days ago.

Yep, I’m addicted.  My business has improved ten fold, my personal network has exploded, and I have actual metrics showing Twitter as my #1 referral source for traffic to my web site, and to this blog.  Incredible!

Recently @AliciaSanera shared a video with us by Seth Godin, author of “The Purple Cow” (which is a must read).  Seth talks about being remarkable, and here I am, a service provider and I struggle to see how talking about Captain Crunch cereal equates to what I do.  I think my eureka moment caused me to jump about six feet out of my bubble bath when I finally grasped what Twitter was all about.

The Twitter Bird

Twitter will never truly be mainstream.  Twitter is for the innovators, the otaku, the early adopters, the purple cows.  Sure there is noise, there is chaos and spam but the wonderful thing is you can just unfollow those sounds and move on.  I look at my Twitter feed and I see trend setters, risk takers, explorers, and thank God, I see friends.

Imagine the value of the Social Media Club’s around the country, or of our own here in San Antonio?  Imagine the value of a conversation between two innovators, between three, between a room full of trend setters and early adopters.  That is what we get every single month at #BMPR, that is what we get every single day online tuned into this community.

If the true success story is the man who listens, who better to tune into than this community?  If you could follow @NanPalmero around for a day, you’d probably be exposed to 15 of the next decades biggest innovations.  Not so much by what he does, but by what he WANTS or what HURDLES he deals with, create something that is exciting to @NanPalmero and there will be a blog article, a community site and 417,000 eager tweeters watching.  The attuned listener will thrive through social media.  I get it.

I am just humbled, and grateful and in awe of the wisdom and innovation all around me.  I am better because of Twitter, and while many people try to hop on the bandwagon to use those same old failed marketing techniques to spam the Twitterverse, it is the few and the wise and the innovators who are truly towing the line.  I get that now too.

Twitter will never go mainstream.  Celebrities will keep jumping on, and jumping back off, they want this for the wrong reasons, they are not the purple cow, and they’ll never get it.

Lastly, let me say a special thank you to @ColleenPence of Social Media Mentoring, were it not for her nudge and encouragement I would still be spinning my wheels with 29 tweets a month wondering what the big deal was.

I am blessed, and reminded every single day.  Thank you.