Who are you accountable to?

Today was Week 2 of the Business Building Boot Camp hosted by @AliciaSanera of SaneraPDC.  No more Mr. Nice Alicia apparently, because she really cracked down on the class, really dug deep and asked if we were truly serious about being a success.  I think a lot of us were really surprised, I know I was.

How serious are we when we say we want to do something?  What is the difference between saying you’re going to do something, being excited to try, and actually committing to see that change realized?  I imagine the answer is different for all of us but for me it really opened my eyes that maybe I need to have a #huddle and get myself psyched up.  Surround myself with encouraging empowering people and say “These are my goals, and this is how I’m going to get there.”

Alicia talked about an accountability partner.  I can’t say that I’ve found one yet, I have had a lot of success sharing with the very wise @JennyBuda and she has been pretty hard on me but I can’t say it is that relationship Alicia is talking about.  My business partner Kevin whom I run just about everything by might be better suited, but he is more of a financial expert and it may be that I need to find someone closer to my own industry I can challenge myself against.  Not to put down the value of an ass kicking from @JennyBuda or the encouragement and guidance from Kevin, but I think finding that accountability partner will help me quite a bit.

Chatting with @regalaffair tonight we joked that just about everyone is their own worst enemy.  I think one of the most valuable aspects of this boot camp for me has been realizing that I am not alone in feeling this way.  I’m sitting across the table from very talented very successful people, and they all feel like they’re lost because everyone at that workshop has the highest possible standards for themselves.  How do you value having your eyes opened?

That “Ah ha!” moment when you realize you’re not alone, that others have stood where you stand, and thrived.  I’m so glad I decided to attend, and we’re only 2 weeks in.

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