Are your SEOs ‘twerkin too hard?

I can’t bring myself to watch the VMAs (even though I would have loved to see Macklemore clean house with two awards) but it didn’t really matter did it? Suddenly more important than Batfleck, no one can hide from twenty year old Miley Cyrus doing things to a foam finger I don’t think you can even find on those dark parts of the internet we try not to talk about.

Will Smith Reacts To Miley Cyrus

You’re going to laugh, but I couldn’t help but notice the parallels to SEO in Miley’s outrageous attempt at grabbing attention: she’s trying too hard, and people can tell. I get phone calls from companies that want to “partner” with us with their new startup product, or they want us to blog about them, or they want us to outsource our work to them, but in all of these outreach attempts they’re clearly ‘twerkin too hard, and it shows.

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#GoogleGate: Always Follow the Money

I’m not a fan of CSI, but it’s not hard to pick up a common thread from shows like that: “follow the money”. When the wife suddenly inherits millions after her husband dies? Yep, maybe she’s a suspect.  Sadly, it’s the same with marketing, money is the motivator.

Google AdWords Google Gate

Enter #GoogleGate, an incident this week where Martin McDonald caught a “Google AdWords Rep”, that didn’t realize he was still being recorded via voicemail, ranting and swearing because his account didn’t upgrade a feature through him. The rep goes on to say that now he will have to pitch sitelinks and call extensions, which are more profitable ways of getting search users to click on a paid ad instead of clicking an organic result.

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Dave Ramsey on Hiring Marketers

We’re pretty big fans of Dave Ramsey around here. Andrew and I just a few weeks back hit Austin for the EntreLeadership 1-Day event taught by Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan. We even lucked out and got to sit at Dave’s table at lunch, which was a pretty rare chance to pick his brain (and barely let finish his food, sorry Dave!).

Image Freedom with Dave Ramsey

Fast forward to this past Friday, I’m sitting at a stop light at San Pedro and Basse, and Dave is on the radio doing a special EntreLeadership special to celebrate the final day of their EntreLeadership Master Series week long look behind the Ramsey curtain.

One of the questions Dave answered really hit close to home and I wanted to share it with you as I feel like it echoes a lot of the frustration we experience cleaning up the messes of inexperienced marketers. Like he says, anyone that can spell Twitter suddenly considers themselves an expert, and that can be really dangerous if you aren’t careful about who you partner with, be it internet marketing, advertising, or social media.

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Happy Link Bait Appreciation Day!

April Fools Day is my favorite day of the year, and we’re already off to a great start with sites like announcing the return of Full House and office favorites ThinkGeek debuting their Dark Knight Rises Bane Walkie-Talkies.

Bane Mask Walkie Talkie

It’s all good fun right?  WRONG!  Not that creating hilarious content doesn’t fall into Wil Reynolds “Do Real Company Stuff” strategy, but yea, seriously, April Fools Day can be really really good for business, and for your SEO.

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The Simplicity of Choice

Picked up the September issue of Harvard Business Review off a shelf in the office and sat back to read the cover story: The (surprisingly) Simple Rules of Strategy. I’ve always loved Harvard Business Journal for these types of pieces because it turns conventional wisdom on it’s head and I felt it really applied in the SEO space.

Which path will you choose?

The article begins with a review of traditional strategy, collecting as much data as we can and often with no thought for how that data can be leveraged or acted on to create a result. I was amused by this as I see it every day in our industry, be it search or design, collecting ALL data for the sake of collecting it. There are entire jobs created at some agencies for “Analytics Ninjas” and the like.

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