Image Freedom

Matthew C. Egan

“If you have no fear, no one can have power over you.” – John Maeda

Going back to 2001, Matthew has been producing content online, from blogs and news articles to informative technical guides.  Matthew is the lead strategist on most Image Freedom projects and his “Draper-Fu” helps our clients go that extra mile.

An ENFP Entrepreneur with Adult ADHD, Matthew is never bored.  The challenges and variety of internet marketing keeps even the most distracted days filled with the hunt for valuable backlinks or new ways to make SEO easier to follow.

Matthew is a graduate of Alicia ArenasSanera Camp Business Boot Camp where he learned to discard his fears and embrace those things that make him different.  Matthew attributes a lot of his success to what he learned in Sanera Camp.

Born in Seal Beach, CA, Matthew spent the first 24 years of his life in California, living in Hollywood and eventually the San Francisco Bay Area.  Matthew relocated to San Antonio in April of 2009 and founded Image Freedom shortly after.

When not optimizing web sites Matthew studies Zen, and while not a Buddhist he loves the simplicity and focus that Zen Minimalism teaches.  You’ll find many Zen teachings applied to Image Freedom’s phased approach to SEO.

Matthew enjoys Blues and Jazz dancing and has traveled around Texas dancing in several Blues Dance Workshops.  A consumate comic book geek, when not dancing or optimizing websites Matthew can probably be found either chasing around his son Ares, or storming the castle via one Playstation 3 game or another.

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