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Attract New Customers with SEO!

Doing a Google search is now as easy as a key click on your smart phone. Search Engines continue to gain popularity as the primary research tool for consumers wanting to research a product or find a vendor in their area. Whoever earns that coveted number one ranking will more times than not also win that customer. We want that to be you.

  • 62% of Google users will only click on first page results.

  • 42% of Google users only click the number one search result.

  • Only 8% of Google users will click on the number two result.

Search Engine Optimization (or just SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” search results.

According to a 2011 study by HubSpot, business owners are finding SEO, Blogging and Social Media to be the most inexpensive marketing channels to attract new customers. SEO consistently out performs Google’s PPC advertising, traditional direct mail ads, telemarketing, and trade show marketing across the board.

40% of SEO Campaigns Return in Excess of 500% ROI

We will leverage the power of SEO to grow your business!

Image Freedom is very passionate about the world of search engines and the processes by which your site can be optimized to outrank the competition. We’re business geeks. We’re not interested in just traffic or website hits. We focus on delivering a campaign for your business that will increase your revenue and deliver an honest and trusted ROI.

2011 Sales Increase from SEO

The above example is a REAL client of ours who has seen a monthly ROI in excess of 2,000%! In this fantastic SEO success story you can see how their website sales went from just over $7,500 in January of 2011 to nearly $75,000 after only seven months!

How does it work? What will you do for me?

SEO is all about earning authority. We help you earn that authority by improving your reputation with other website owners to earn valuable links from their site back to yours. Google gives authority to websites that other sites link to, so by improving your reputation on the web, you’re rewarded by being ranked higher in Google’s Search Results.

  • We start out by researching your industry and determining your unique needs as no two businesses are exactly alike. We determine the most valuable keywords that your business should be targeting and then we build a clearly defined SEO roadmap so you’ll never be in the dark about the progress we’ve made or what we’ll be doing next.
  • Once we know who we are competing with and what your strengths and weaknesses are, we go page-by-page through your site and make improvements to be in line with SEO best practices. We don’t want Google thinking your AC Repair company is really a Jewelry Store, right?
  • As your website is being optimized, we’re also building your reputation. We go out and find other websites willing to link to yours. We build relationships, create compelling online content and write guest blogs. All to boost your reputation across the World Wide Web.
  • You will receive a monthly report detailing our progress. We won’t just copy and paste your Google Analytics, we’ll break down the data into easily consumed blocks of New Customers, Completed Sales, Most Visited Content, and your branded and non-branded SEO traffic.

We take SEO seriously! (Maybe TOO seriously)

We are not a marketing agency that just claims to do SEO: SEO is our bread and butter every single day. We attend the Search Marketing Conferences, we even speak at a few of them, and we’re always striving to learn and absorb all the latest knowledge and techniques to deliver the highest possible ROI and increase our clients’ revenue.

For an SEO strategy you can believe in, don’t wait: contact us today to build your FREE website evaluation. We’ll tell you where your website stands against the competition and let you know exactly what our plan will be to put you on top.

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