How April Fools Day Can Help Your SEO

April Fools Day is one of my favorite days of the year.  I’m sitting at our office in downtown San Antonio, everyone is standing around someones monitor pointing and laughing at something.  Be it Hulu’s return to 1996 or Google’s announcement of Google Motion.

But there’s a major lesson to be learned here about SEO.  April Fools Day, and holidays like it, are a great chance to make funny targeted content and get folks to link to, share, or tweet your hilarity.

Two days ago Google announced +1 and Tom Critchlow did a great job writing up the announcement.  In Tom’s writeup he talks about how influential Social Media signals can be in showing the authority of your site to the search engines.

Every time someone shares one of your links on Facebook, likes it, or comments on it, that tally is totaled and Google gets that score.  Every retweet, every posting, etc.  It all adds up and helps you rank better in the search results.

The lesson here that everyone should take away is that the quality of our content, our worthiness of being shared and retweeted and linked to, directly correlates with how well we do in SEO.

What could you do to attract links and shares on April Fools Day?  What other holiday can you target content towards?  Give people something worth sharing, and you’ll find yourself not only ranking well on the social web, but on Google as well.

Matthew Egan is the Founder & SEO of San Antonio SEO consulting firm Image Freedom. When not dancing to the blues, Matthew helps web pages like yours get more traffic through content driven Search Engine Optimization.