2010 Goal: SEO for Bloggers

I am very blessed to be a part of the Social Media Club San Antonio.  This past week we had a Brain Jam and my topic was how to better provide SEO help to organizations and bloggers who don’t have a huge budget for SEO or web development of any kind.  I think this is a wonderful endeavor to persue for 2010 because so many of my new Social Media friends are bloggers and are always reading those “5 easy steps to have a blog that doesn’t suck” article and as an SEO of course I’m going to go on and on about optimization for your blog.

So consider this post a call to action, please send in some e-mails with questions, concerns, or myths about SEO you want busted.  We’ll answer them as best we can.

This week is pretty packed with Social Media Goodness, with the Social Media Breakfast and #BMPR both in the same week.  There is also a Social Media Preview of the new Smashburger location off Potranco, so swing over there before #BMPR and catch yourself a free burger.  Smashburger is a little on the pricey side, definitely not fast food, but I really like their burgers.  Easily the best burger in San Antonio.