This Week In Web: Arson, Disappointment, and Bacon

And just like that, it’s already Friday! Get ready for another dose of dumb/weird/awesome videos that helped us make it through this week.

If You Play With Fire, You’re Going to Get Burned Sued.

As kids, most of us learned that fire is not a toy and “grown-ups” are the only ones who are allowed to light the stove, candles, etc. We all branched out though and tried it for ourselves at least once and that usually led to someone or something getting burned. Once that happens, you gain a whole new respect for fire and the damage and pain it can cause.

This guy never learned.

Burning things as a sign of protest has been happening for quite some time. I still haven’t figured out the logic behind financially supporting the company you are protesting by buying their product just so you can burn it on their lawn. Not to mention the fact that this genius brought young children to tape him in the act of what could potentially be arson. You are setting such a great example for the kids: Light stuff on fire, let it get out of control, run away laughing…

Mckayla Is Not Impressed

As long as you aren’t a hermit, you’ve probably watched at least some of the Olympic’s from the past two weeks. If you haven’t watched, then you definitely will have read or heard about the “Fab Five” which is Team USA’s women’s gymnastics team. After winning a team gold medal the girls went on to compete in the individual events.

During the women’s vault competition, USA’s Mckayla Maroney was one of the favorites to win gold. However, she made an error in one of her vaults that caused her to get silver instead. She was not impressed.

Not Impressed

On the podium for her silver, Maroney made a face that is already famous all across the internet. I’m not sure if it was the face of disappointment or if her nose just itched but once the internet got ahold of it, a new meme was born. A new Tumblr site has surfaced that is full of pictures of Maroney and her famous face photoshopped into other scenes or events in history. They are all pretty entertaining, but the pictures of Maroney pasted into the first pictures received from the Mars rover “Curiosity” were my favorite.


Bacon Is Always Relevant

I’m cheating again by posting this video since it isn’t from this week but I know it’s ok because…Bacon.

For whatever reason the internet loves bacon. This video is making its way around the internet because everyone up-votes anything that is related to bacon. It doesn’t matter that the video is a couple years old, bacon is always relevant.

There is always a need for more awesome internet videos so send whatever you find our way. If you want to see what we have been wasting time on for the last couple of weeks check out our previous posts.