This Week In Web: Bad Interviews, Mad Umpires, and Movie Magic

Happy Friday! We know you’ve been watching the Olympics all week instead of getting important work done so go ahead and waste a couple more minutes and check out what is going on this week in web.

Ryan Lochte Shouldn’t Do Interviews

If you are an athlete competing in the Olympics, you are bound to get some media attention at some point during the games. With a small amount of media training by their coaches and a little bit of intelligence, most athletes do just fine when participating in interviews or other media related events. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that every athlete gets the same type of training or even has enough intelligence to stumble through an interview semi-gracefully.

BuzzFeed put together a compilation of interviews of US Olympic athlete Ryan Lochte from the past few years and titled it “Great Swimmer, Bad Interview.” It showcases Lochte’s media talent and smarts or lack thereof.

I was pretty shocked after watching this. I will admit that the questions being asked are not the best, but it would be nice if he could at least provide an answer in a complete sentence. In all fairness, he isn’t at the Olympics to compete in a grammar contest. Lochte is an extraordinary athlete and a fantastic swimmer and we wish him well in his last few events.

Three Blind Mice

A few nights ago, Derek Dye, a 21 year old senior at the University of Illinois was ejected from a Daytona Cubs minor league baseball game. Ejections happen all the time though so at first glance this seemed pretty ordinary. However, Dye wasn’t an upset baseball player or a rowdy fan, he was running the press box and public address system.

After a close call at first base, Dye poked fun at the umpires by playing an audio clip of the song Three Blind Mice.

The home plate umpired didn’t think it was very funny. He ejected Dye and demanded that the “sound” be turned off for the rest of the game. Even the regular announcements regarding pitching changes and batter names were silenced. Obviously the sound clip was a little offensive to the umpires but many people feel that the ejection was an overreaction. Dye is also expecting a fine from the Florida State League as well.

Lord of the Rings – Forced Perspective

I’m kind of cheating on this last one since the video is definitely not from this week (it’s from 2008) but it is the first time I have seen it and I had to share it. It’s a behind the scenes clip from the filming of Lord of The Rings that shows how they utilized forced perspective to create the illusion of extreme size difference between hobbits and other characters.

I had no idea that they used this technique to create this effect. The time and effort that had to be invested in order to make these shots completely seamless must’ve been ridiculous.┬áMind Blown.

There is always a need for more awesome internet videos so send whatever you find our way. If you want to see what we have been wasting time on for the last couple of weeks check out our previous posts.