This Week In Web: Olympics, Sharks, Crazy Kids

Whoa! It’s already Monday! I guess time flies when you watch cat videos all week long. Friday was a big day for all of us here at Image Freedom. It was our 3rd birthday!  To celebrate we stuffed our faces with delicious cake instead of sharing our random Internet findings from the week. They are too good not to share though, so here they are a couple days late.

Are the Olympics Supposed to be This Sexy?

Everyone loves the Olympics.

Millions of people from all over the world watch the competition with much enthusiasm. The excitement starts growing in the weeks leading up to the opening ceremony (which was on Friday) when the athletes compete in the Olympic trials. However, the Internet didn’t pay much attention to the trials when a video of hurdler Michelle Jenneke doing her warmup routine at the IAAF World Junior Championships was posted on YouTube.

In just over a week, the video has over 14.5 million views.

Even more mind-blowing, this video was not the original and was posted after the first one was taken down meaning the 14.5 million views were mostly residual from its first week of viral success. Jenneke’s mother joked about the video, saying, “She can do better.” Apparently Michelle has been doing this for the past three years and this “performance” was not her absolute best.

The people of the Internet definitely didn’t seem to care though.

Another Shark Video

I don’t know what it is about sharks, but they have a tendency to make normal people go absolutely bonkers. This video is no exception.

Just like the individuals in one of our previous posts about sharks, this guy feels the need to scream at the top of his lungs when he spots the couple hundred pound Mako. I will admit that this video is way cooler than the last one, but I’m still not sure what all the screaming is about.

Written By A Kid

Kids say the darndest things. They also tell some pretty spectacular stories. There is something about a child’s uncensored imagination that produces some really entertaining (and hilarious) content.

In the web series “Written By A Kid” the Internet community Geek & Sundry take stories written (made up) by children, acts them out, and then posts it on YouTube.

This is only the first episode, but they have already released a second and many more are on the way. If you like their stuff and want to see more, check out their YouTube channel to subscribe.

We need more weird stuff from the Internet! Send us your suggestions and it might make its way into next week’s “This Week In Web” post.