Are your SEOs ‘twerkin too hard?

I can’t bring myself to watch the VMAs (even though I would have loved to see Macklemore clean house with two awards) but it didn’t really matter did it? Suddenly more important than Batfleck, no one can hide from twenty year old Miley Cyrus doing things to a foam finger I don’t think you can even find on those dark parts of the internet we try not to talk about.

Will Smith Reacts To Miley Cyrus

You’re going to laugh, but I couldn’t help but notice the parallels to SEO in Miley’s outrageous attempt at grabbing attention: she’s trying too hard, and people can tell. I get phone calls from companies that want to “partner” with us with their new startup product, or they want us to blog about them, or they want us to outsource our work to them, but in all of these outreach attempts they’re clearly ‘twerkin too hard, and it shows.

Miley wasn’t fooling anyone on that stage, and neither are most marketers out there. If it’s obvious that this is a sales e-mail, if it’s obvious that this is a sales call, or if you’re clearly only interested in the inbound link, you’re going to fail. I can smell bull shit a mile away and so can most people, being outrageous on purpose is pretty easy to see through if the only thing you can back up is your back side.

Miley Cyrus Twerkin

Making noise is important, I recall talking to a client just the other day who I told in no unclear terms “you need to make more noise, you’re playing it too safe!” Though now that I’ve seen Miley grinding on some guy named Robin Thicke, I should maybe be more careful with my advice. Make some noise, but make it GOOD noise. The entire Fresh Prince family tree (above) couldn’t contain their bewilderment, almost perfectly foreshadowing the internet response that followed.

Make some noise, get attention with your website, with your link outreach – BUT – you still have to provide some substance at the end of your attention whoring. In Miley’s case, everyone who she attracted in only saw her wearing a nude colored bikini and dry humping a foam finger. Sorry Hannah Montana, so not impressed.

Get yourself out there, comment on peoples blogs to build relationships, engage them on Twitter and Facebook so you’re on their radar, invite others to write a guest post or offer to write one yourself. Do REAL things that add value to other people, to their websites, to their readers, and 90% of the time that’ll result in you being linked to as well. Not because you asked to be linked to, but because you did something WORTH linking to.

So let us leave the molested foam fingers to the Fantasy Footballers, and focus on doing ‘twerk that’ll make a real difference in our marketing lives.

Now take a moment to read probably the most genuine post ever written by the Onion – Let Me Explain Why Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance Was Our Top Story This Morning. You’re welcome.