Attack The Darkness with SEO: The Game

Today we have a guest Infographic from Jarrod Wright of Subtle Network. SEO is certainly a geek powered affair, and what better way to celebrate the nerdery than with twenty-sided dice and a little Cheeto’s and Mountain Dew.

From creator Jarrod Wright: “I created it because the idea was too funny to let pass. I’m personally frustrated by the friendly fire that’s been flying around the SEO community. I wanted to put something together that would communicate the idea that there are pros and cons to almost any SEO strategy.

The real divide as I see it should not be between white hat and black hat (though we’re all a shade of gray), rather it should be between genuine marketers and those who seek to rob and steal from people in the name of SEO. Mostly however, I just wanted to do something funny as hell that other search geeks might get a kick out of.”

Thanks Jarrod for sharing this with us! What do you guys think? Which one are you?