Bounty Hunters: Find us a Programmer!

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Bounty Hunters

“Bounty Hunters!  We don’t need their scum.” – Captain Firmus Piett

Well ok, so maybe we DO need your scum, and of course we mean that in the most respectful way possible (if that’s even possible).  Image Freedom is looking for a full time programmer fluent in WordPress, Joomla, jQuery, HTML5, and overall modern website programming and development, and if you help us find that programmer we’re prepared to pay you a cool thousand bucks!

We’ll be paying $250 once the new hire has been with us for 30 days, and the other $750 once that person has been with us a full 90 days.  This way if you sneak some sort of Jedi mind trick over on us, you’ll still have to make with the programmer!

Are you a programmer yourself?  Want to slap those Wookie Shackles on yourself and come along willingly?  Well the offer applies to you as well!  We’ll provide a thousand dollar signing bonus (paid at 30 and 90 days as well) to a programmer who collects his or her own bounty.  We’re not Dark Lords of the Sith after all!

Disclaimer:  Image Freedom is not responsible for any Imperial entanglement you may encounter while collecting this bounty, and advise that you steer clear of the Hutts.

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