Do or Don’t? Clients on Facebook

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It has been a very active week!  Last night we recorded TechInTwenty with fellow SEO pro Ryan Kelly from Pear Analytics.  Launched the first mySA Voices Blog and have been very busy getting ready to launch several small business sites here in San Antonio.  About a week ago I promised @AnaFlores that I’d blog about drawing that line between clients and friends on Social Networks.

I’ll sum up this entire article, don’t draw any lines!

You should never publish anything on any social network of any kind that you wouldn’t want a potential employer or client to see.  That isn’t to say you should not be yourself, but if you’re the best there is at keg stands in your circle of friends it may be best not to let that get photographed.

Social Networks are a part of your personal marketing, and @lettergirl covered this very recently in her video.  You have to BE CAREFUL what you put out there, and that means posting honestly but also tactfully.  It can be nice not to feel alone when we post our personal struggles online but some of those are better just shared with friends in person and not left online forever.  Immediate affirmation vs. long term value.

I have clients on my Facebook and I have friends on my Facebook and because of that I follow the same guidelines I follow on this blog.  If I sit down with a client, do I want them to know this about me?  Do I want this to come back to haunt me?  Could this be taken the wrong way?

At the end of the day, our personal brands are becoming more and more important.  How do you want to be represented?