This Week In Web: Coca-Cola, Iron Man Gadgets, and Taylor Swift

The three day weekend is over and it’s time to get back to work! Or maybe you should relax just a little bit longer and check out our internet finds from the past couple of weeks! It’s been a while since our last “This Week In Web” post and we’ve been pretty busy, but we are getting back on schedule so make sure and check back next week for more.

Coca-Cola Takes A New Perspective And Makes Everyone Feel Better

In this uplifting commercial, Coca-Cola takes a different perspective on life by looking at the world through the lens of security cameras. The cameras record moments of happiness, love, bravery and more. Some of these seem almost too good to have been caught on tape and I figure a few could be scripted, but either way, they have helped restore my faith in humanity.

Will this commercial get people out in droves to buy Coca-Cola products? Not Necessarily. However, it does give me a reason to make a positive association with their brand.  I hope you’re taking notes Pepsi!

Feel Like Genius Billionaire Philanthropist Tony Stark, for only $70

In the past Iron Man movies, Tony Stark uses an extremely awesome 3D interface that allows him to manipulate things on the computer with his hands as if they are right there in front of him. The Leap is a $70 device that does nearly the same thing by utilizing eight cubic feet of space around your computer as the “interface area.” In this space you can manipulate items on the screen by pinching, grabbing, pushing, pulling, twisting and more. You are now tony Stark.

While the Leap does look to be a very fun and unique gadget, it does not have a holographic projection system which is arguably the coolest part of Tony’s 3D interface. The Leap isn’t supposed to be released until February 2013, but it is available for pre-order if you’re already convinced. It’s no Jarvis, but it’s as close as you’re going to get for less than a couple million dollars.

The Internet Trolls Taylor Swift’s Concert Contest

In case you weren’t aware, a lot of internet is made of perverse and profane content. Most of that content resides in online message boards where “seasoned” internet users play pranks (aka trolling) on unsuspecting people. A few months ago, one of these message boards used their collective voting power to change the outcome of a “Send This Music Artist To Your Local Walmart” contest. They sent “Pitbull” to perform at a rural Walmart in Alaska. This time around, they are coming together to get Taylor Swift to perform at a deaf school in Massachusetts.


When I found the above picture, the votes for Horace Mann were around 19,000. In the past hour or so it has increased to nearly 30,000. It looks like Taylor’s new songs will literally fall upon deaf ears.

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