Dave Ramsey on Hiring Marketers

We’re pretty big fans of Dave Ramsey around here. Andrew and I just a few weeks back hit Austin for the EntreLeadership 1-Day event taught by Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan. We even lucked out and got to sit at Dave’s table at lunch, which was a pretty rare chance to pick his brain (and barely let finish his food, sorry Dave!).

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Fast forward to this past Friday, I’m sitting at a stop light at San Pedro and Basse, and Dave is on the radio doing a special EntreLeadership special to celebrate the final day of their EntreLeadership Master Series week long look behind the Ramsey curtain.

One of the questions Dave answered really hit close to home and I wanted to share it with you as I feel like it echoes a lot of the frustration we experience cleaning up the messes of inexperienced marketers. Like he says, anyone that can spell Twitter suddenly considers themselves an expert, and that can be really dangerous if you aren’t careful about who you partner with, be it internet marketing, advertising, or social media.


Dave Ramsey: “Got an email from one of our participants here says, “We are a nine people small business, how would we best find someone part-time or outsourced who actually understands advertising?” Well, advertising is, it’s one of those industries where a lot of people act like they know what they’re doing and don’t.

Finding someone that actually does know what they’re doing is interesting, it’s interesting task that you’re endeavoring to do, and so I think what I would do is look for marketing consultants, marketing people within your industry that claim to have an advertising knowledge. Sometimes that can be around a PR firm, public relations firm, they sometimes have an advertising arm, or advertising agencies sometimes have that, or maybe someone that actually works for an ad agency that maybe does some consulting on the side part time on just expertise of advertising.

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Dave Ramsey on Hiring Marketers     

In any of those cases when you’re interviewing them you want to cut through the BS by actually getting to some work that actually done not did they once have have an opinion or they once took a class or once worked for a company that did this, what have you personally done in the advertising field that I can actually look at the results of it, and actual real, really did it, because there’s everybody talks like they know how to do it. It’s kinda like social media, social media is quite the buzz, and there’s social media experts for Twitter and Facebook, and Pinterest, and so on.

It’s a new enough industry that anybody who can actually spell Twitter seems to be an expert, or at least claim an expertise but when you really get to digging into it, you go ok “how many followers do the people you advise have?” and “how are they monetizing their access to their tribe through Twitter?” and “How are they using it from a Public Relations standpoint?” “How are they doing it using it to serve their customers?”

So when you really get down to it they haven’t actually advised anyone on it they just once got on Twitter so now they printed up some business cards. So you really have to cut through all that and find the detail, just like you were interviewing for an employee for a certain talent, or a certain expertise, you’re going to want to actually see that they’ve done it, that they really have hands on experience and be able to verify that, and then that will lead you into the right hire, be it an outsource, consultant, or a part-timer, or even if it works into a full time situation.

Cause I’ve got a theory about advertising, advertising is when you put dollars out to bring dollars in, and so advertising that works is free. Advertising that doesn’t work is called overhead, and I don’t like overhead. So I don’t mind spending $10,000 to make $10,001, I’d rather spend $10,000 to make $100,000 though. And so every time I can turn $10,000 into $100,000 I want to do that a lot. That’s free, but if I spend $10,000 to make $8,000 I can’t do that a whole lot because eventually I’m going to run out of money.

That’s the problem. That’s what you’re looking for, advertising that has an ROI, a rate of return, a return on investment, and you gotta be able to prove that mechanically with metrics and measure.”


Very cool stuff! Dave has a way of making it sound so simple, but the hard truth is that we get calls from folks who have been burned by so called “experts” and it is often more expensive and a much longer process to clean up the mess of an inexperienced marketer than it would have been simply doing it right the first time.

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