Disapointed at Apple RE: Yellow iMac

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Today my buddy @boynthemiddle posted this link to Gizmodo about a yellowing tint that has caused many iMac 27″ users to be very frustrated.  See my new i7 27″ iMac has a yellowing tint on the lower half of the screen.  Having read many articles about the yellowing, and hearing from @boynthemiddle I too called Apple.

I was told that the engineers at Apple had not yet acknowledged that this was a problem with the iMac.  I just spent a lot of money on this Apple Computer and I sent photographs of my screen with specific sectors of the photo set side by side.  You can see pretty clearly that the bottom section is yellowed, and the top section is pure white.

This is unacceptable.

So now this leaked internal Memo from Apple is deciding to “swap out” our LCD panels through an Apple Store or authorized repair center.  I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sit well with me.  I don’t want a new screen, I want a computer equal to the money I spent on it.  Meaning if I pay a premium, I am going to require a premium in service in return.

I paid a premium.  That’s my part.  I am not getting a premium in return.  That’s Apple’s part.

The idea that my iMac, as powerful as it is, must be opened up and the screen swapped out doesn’t sit well with me.  As we’re seeing lately on Twitter, how accurate is the repair to your car when you get it back on the road?  What if they don’t get the screen in place just right?  This is my livelyhood here, that is why I choose Apple, because I expect the product to work as intended, every time.  I don’t want my baby getting cut open and her parts replaced, I want her replaced, I want a computer that worked as intended from the start.

Am I crazy?  I’m a loyal Apple fan, and part of Apple’s whole plan is that I like my Apple product so much that I talk about it, that my fervor and fandom spreads the Applevirus and you too buy a computer for a little too much money so you can have the cool OS X too.  How does that work when the most loyal Apple customers, the ones who are going to spend the extra for the i7 Quad Core processor, who want the largest screen, are treated like outsourced to India Dell customers?

Not thrilled Mr. Jobs.  This is not the Apple you were looking for.

Hopefully the bad press will cause you to rethink the memo that “sometimes screens have some discoloration, that’s just how LCD’s work.”  Uhm.  No.  Try again.