Do you have an Accountability Partner?

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This blog post does not apply to you.  You were born without fear.  You were born knowing which task to choose when you only have time to complete one task, and never needing to ask for advice.  This blog post does not apply to you because you never doubt yourself, you always know the right path, and you never make mistakes.

Oh, really?  Well, this blog might apply to you afterall.

My name is Matthew Egan and I am not perfect.  I’d like to think I’m in the top tier of my industry, my customer service is great, and I’ve gotten to the point where my reputation often proceeds me.  I am still far from perfect.  I have countless people whom I look up to, and I have been blessed by meeting some of the greatest minds in San Antonio who keep me honest, keep me focused, and keep me accountable.

I have an accountability partner for this reason.  I’m never alone.  It is so easy to forget that, so easy to get hung up on all of the impending To-Do list items, but if we feel truly alone we’re going to fail.  Some would like to say we’re always alone at the end of the day, that it is only up to us to get the job done, but that is only partially true.  If you surround yourself with positive, forward thinking, funny, wise, remarkable people you will never be alone.

Every week I have lunch with my accountability partner.  She and I talk about my business, we talk about her business, we talk about our families, and about our goals.  There isn’t a whole lot of structure, but we’re honest enough, and open enough where we can show fear, and show weakness, and be stripped to our elements however embarrassing that might be.  It’s hard to not be perfect, it’s hard to be flawed, but it’s all made easier when you can share that part of yourself with someone who will not judge you, someone who… wait for it… is just as flawed as you.

Who are you accountable to?  Your customers?  Your boss?  Your spouse?  Do you need someone in your life who has no stake in your success outside of your friendship?  Find that person, find that support, and you’ll be surprised how freeing it can be.

I may be a business owner, I may often work alone, but I am still a part of a team.

Are you?