Doesn’t Mean It’ll Work in Texas

The techniques deployed by Social Network Marketers across the nation may work locally, but I’m feeling lately like more attention should be spent analyzing what works specifically here in San Antonio and across Texas.  We are Texas business owners, we live and work here locally and our neighbors are the customers we are trying to reach through our marketing efforts.  If Twitter works in Los Angeles, a chance to peer into the life of ones favorite celebrity, that does not mean it’ll work for just any business here in San Antonio.

How likely is Mom going to be to have a Facebook page in Texas vs. San Francisco?  What % of Texans are using social networking sites like Twitter or LinkedIn?  Older Texans are reluctant to adopt new media at times, and if 15% of San Antonio has adopted Twitter, will it be the right 15% to target for your business?  The answer comes with research, local research on what our peers are doing on a daily basis.  Studies have shown a distinct rise in Social Network Site use over the past 12 months, but is it among the demographic you’re shooting for?

Twitter might reach the 16-25 year old market more than any other, but are they who you’d target for a Realtor or Landscaping company?  On the flip side of this coin, are every local Gym, Clothing Company, and Restaurant using these tools to capture that demographic?  It is so easy to pick up a magazine or a read an article about capturing customers through social networking sites but are we really sure we’re targeting the right people when we do?

This is a conversation I suggest every business owner has with their web developer or social network marketer.  Are these sites your Search Engine Optimizer is linking to you from going to be sharing your information, not just with AN audience, but with the RIGHT audience?  The importance of a sound Market Plan and Social Media Strategy has never been more important, because your customers are going online, and if your strategy doesn’t account for that, your competition’s surely will.

In the end, where Social Networking may be hit or miss in Texas, we do know that most of Texas is on Google, and using Search Engines, so the highest ROI in online marketing is still going to come from your Search Engine Optimizer, being on the first page when someone searches for services like yours on Google is the key to any Marketing Plan’s success.