Five Ways to Master SEO in 2010

2010 is a lot closer than most of us want to admit, and between dodging cart missiles in the Walmart parking lot and failing yet again to find that PS3 bundle for the little one, it might be good to set in motion your Optimization agenda for the new year.  Here are my five SEO MUSTS for 2010!

1. Google Local Business Center

No one SEO trick adds more value to your business than a simple FREE entry in the Google Local Business Center.  As you optimize your site and struggle to get past page 15 (Been there, believe me!) you are missing potential clicks from the local results on Google!  The Local Search Results don’t act the same as the Web Results so if someone is searching for “Stone Oak Bed and Breakfast” you’re much more likely to come up in a local search than in the web results as you’re getting started with SEO.

The other added value of the Google Local Business Center is being added to Google Maps, which powers the GPS function on the iPhone and many other devices.  You can tell Google exactly where your business is, and as many maps in San Antonio are a little wonky, you can drop that thumbtack exactly where your customers will find you.

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2. Learn to Link Bait

Link Baiting is when you create content so amazing, so life altering, so without equal that people would be crazy not to link to it on their Blog, their Facebook or their Twitter.  Following a very popular trend in 2009, give away some expertise for free!  Every time someone links back to your content, they’re creating valuable backlinks that will cause search engines like Google and Bing to index your content more frequently and increase your page rank!

3. Update That Blog

Sit down with yourself and say, how often can I afford to write a blog entry each week?  Can I only write once per week, or can I create more than that?  Personally, I follow the fixed schedule work week, and have dedicated Tuesdays and Thursdays after my morning e-mails to writing as many blog entries as I can in an hour.  The key is to keep that blog updated for two reasons, one being Google, when your site shows updated content, new content, and overall changes it shows Google that your site has been updated and this adds value to your SEO efforts, and secondly, having a blog at all is no good if you haven’t posted in two months!  Content is king, so go make some!

4. Target Keywords in your URLs

When naming a page on your web site, don’t call it page001.html!  The name of every file on your site is part of your SEO profile, so if you’re writing an article about San Antonio Traffic Tips, call it that!  “san_antonio_traffic_tips” is going to add much more relevant keywords to your content than a generic page 1, 2 or 3.

When you’re titling your blog articles, think about who might search for that article, and what they’d type in to find it.  Try to avoid generic titles like “Keep It Simple” and add some valuable keywords like “Simple San Antonio SEO Secrets”.  Mention your region whenever you can if you’re targeting only local customers, and don’t be afraid to mention areas by neighborhood, as sometimes “Stone Oak Pizza” would be more accurate for you than “San Antonio Pizza”.

5. Backlinks Outside the Box

Did you know that commenting on a friends blog often gives you the chance to put in your URL?  Do you offer a discount or some sort of military or educational discount that might be of interest to a site collecting such offers?  Do you fall into a special interest group that might want to spotlight you as a business owner?  Think about who would link to your site, and why.  Go out there and find new ways to be worthy of linkage.  Every backlink increases your page rank and pushes you closer to that #1 spot.


2010 is going to be an amazing growth year for San Antonio, not only do we have over seven thousand new jobs being created through BRAC funds but San Antonio has been ranked as one of the best places to start a business by sources like Forbes and Entrepreneur.  Time to make new friends, time to share your wisdom, and create new content that will bring you the links to push your web site front and center!