Good vs. Remarkable

I can’t get over how much Seth Godin’s Purple Cow has changed the way I look at business.  It has been a couple of months since I read the book and I still have trouble explaining to people exactly what it means to be a purple cow.  Sometimes people do it, and they’re not even aware that they’re doing it, they just think it’s good customer service, others shoot for the wrong things and wonder why it’s not working.

It’s rare that you read a book that puts so many things into perspective, and I can’t really explain to you what it means to be a purple cow in a single blog post (nor should I) so my recommendation is of course, read the dang book!

My favorite Coffee Shop, the Olmos Perk on McCullough, is a purple cow.  Some people describe it as a little piece of Austin in San San Antonio.  Long before I moved to Olmos PARK I spent a lot of time at the Olmos PERK.  The Perk uses Twitter to stay involved with their customers, posting photos of the baristas working each day so you feel like you already know who will be serving you before you arrive.

I was a customer of theirs when they weren’t using Twitter and I’ve watched it go from irrelevant to the business to now half of the staff having their own Twitter accounts and people coming in because “I heard about you on Twitter!”

The Olmos Perk is remarkable.  Now stop for a moment and think about that word, what does remarkable mean?  Is remarkable good?  Sure, but more than just saying “excellent” you’re saying “remarkable” which means it’s so good, it’s worth talking about.  It is worthy of remark.

Are you worthy of remark?  What could you do with your web site to be remarkable?  What could you do with your marketing to stand out?  In a market full of the same old black cow, what can you do to be the one purple cow of whom people will take notice?

They say Seth Godin has the #1 Marketing Blog in the world, and given the wisdom he shares in Purple Cow I’m not at all surprised.  Have you read Purple Cow yet?  Are you remarkable, or just good?

Can you tell the difference?

Note – I first learned about the Purple Cow from @AliciaSanera who recommends it as important reading for her Business Building Boot Camp called Sanera Camp.  If you want to learn how to stand out, take it from someone who attended and graduated, Sanera Camp will change your life.