Growing Pains, Part 2

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Social Media is a pain in the ass.  Writing a blog, posting actually RELEVANT stuff to your Twitter page, getting fans to care about your Facebook page.  These are all important things!  The problem is, you wind up doing them for a while, they generate some buzz for you, your business grows and you lose the free time you had being without clients, to keep all that crap updated.

Hire a Ghost Tweeter you say?  Don’t mind if I do!

Just kidding.  I’ve been neglecting my blog a lot lately, and I think it comes from that perfectionist paralysis monkey on my back.  Sometimes it’s hard to publish ANYTHING for fear of it not being a hit with my massive (read 34) subscriber base.

I need to get over it, need to get back on the horse, or back on the tweet, as it were.  There is so much going on, we’ve been busier than we’ve ever been and I know I owe that to our social media efforts.  One of the things I’m working on right now is getting approval from our clients to start sharing their success here on the blog.

That can be a tough sell at times because you don’t want to share too much of what you’re doing in your marketing plans, if that gets out to the wrong people then by essentially bragging you’re helping the competition.  On the other hand, screw em!  Knowing what you’re doing is only part of the equation, and without knowing how to counter it there isn’t much gained by learning what would have been obvious sooner or later anyway.

So yea, working on that as what is a blog if not the rantings of an overshare.

Hard Wood Floors

On the personal front, I’ve moved from my home in Alamo Ranch to a new place in Olmos Park.  I love Alamo Ranch and there are a ton of great shops and resources there in town BUT it is just so far from everywhere I go on a daily basis.  The Olmos Perk on McCollough for example, is a good forty minutes from Alamo Ranch.  Now I’m within walking distance of the Perk and only ten minutes from downtown San Antonio.

Hardwood floors are fantastic, and as someone who spends a lot of time in his home office, it is just so important to be comfortable in that space.  Big beautiful windows surround my home office and I couldn’t be happier.

Plenty of good news lately, some that I can talk about, some that unfortunately I am sworn not to mention, BUT I’m back on the horse here in the blog and returned to the focus of making SEO approachable to business owners of any experience level.

Stay tuned!