Happy Link Bait Appreciation Day!

April Fools Day is my favorite day of the year, and we’re already off to a great start with sites like Screenrant.com announcing the return of Full House and office favorites ThinkGeek debuting their Dark Knight Rises Bane Walkie-Talkies.

Bane Mask Walkie Talkie

It’s all good fun right?  WRONG!  Not that creating hilarious content doesn’t fall into Wil Reynolds “Do Real Company Stuff” strategy, but yea, seriously, April Fools Day can be really really good for business, and for your SEO.

See, few people outside of the SEO Industry know about the value of links and social shares, sure, at face value, sharing a link means your friends might click on it, so there is built in value there, but Google uses those links to determine the hottest pages on the internet and decide who ranks number one.

What does this have to do with April Fools Day?  Well, exactly that, links make the internet go round, so on a day like today where most websites are completely full of shit, they’re also doing the work that markets their product, their website, their internet search rankings for the rest of the year.  By linking to these goofy April Fools pages, from Scope’s Bacon Flavored Mouth Wash to imgur’s new Upload Via Snail Mail feature, every time someone shares those links, or links to them (like I just did) they’re creating that signal to Google that says “hey, this web page is better than the rest.”

Think Geek Does April Fools Day

It’s just like real life actually, like a handshake, like word of mouth recommendations, we all know that a referral from a friend is worth more than all the road side billboards in the world, and Google is certainly your websites best friend, so imagine all the handshakes you could be getting if you capitalized on April Fools Day like the fine folks mentioned above?

The same can be done outside of April Fools Day, we call the tactic Link Bait, where you create awesome content, funny images, intelligent infographics, or just plain old blog content where you share what makes you awesome.  The more you create, the more the world shares it, the higher you’re likely to rank.

April Fools Day doesn’t seem so lame now does it?