Hey Mr. Big Stuff

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Today I attended the Business Building Boot Camp hosted by @AliciaSanera of SaneraPDC.  I’m a young guy, I know I have a lot to learn, but the things that I learned today really surprised me.  I went out to lunch with my good friend Kevin and he laughed, said he’s been telling me this stuff for months.  The lovely @JennyBuda echo’d the same statement.

Be an awesome, genuine person, and success will follow.

Fortunately for me the talented tormenter @lettergirl was also at the Business Building Boot Camp and when I was opening up and talking about how I had been unsure why I was doing well, she shared a story of my very first #BMPR luncheon where I came in there with a total chip on my shoulder, I was Mr. Knowledgeable Computer Guy and you were lucky to have met me.

I went to my first #BMPR pretending, and not just being myself.  I can’t say what changed, why I started acting differently but I will admit I worried about how I was being perceived if I was seen outwardly the way I longed to be seen, as a professional, as a success.  I do know I fell in with the right friends, and while this specific blog may be about being yourself, I don’t think you can do that without amazing relationships.

Our friends are the mirror in which we must judge ourselves at the end of the day, and maybe not in all ways, but in our outward behavior we use our friends, our network, to keep us in check.  My focus was on buying the right shirt, getting the perfect haircut, acting a certain way, and in the end I never felt like those things were working for Matthew.

I just needed to be me.  Why did I never see it before?

It’s hard, and a little blush worthy to really laugh at yourself in the way I laughed at myself today.  I set out trying to do one thing, trying to be impressive, appear successful and in the end when I calmed down and just had a good time, smiled, laughed, it wasn’t just my social circle that expanded it was my business.

I am by no means done growing, and this is just the first week in a 6 week business building process, but when you learn something about yourself and it comes from a place that surprises you, it really does make your day.