I’m a Bad Gamer

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Everyone has their thing, they collect butterflies, they skateboard or surf, or in my case I play video games.  Well, I used to play video games until I decided to be an Entrepreneur.  Stupid stupid Matthew.  The whole point, I thought, was you start a business and then you have all this free time to do the things you want to do, like in my case, play video games.

Again.  Stupid stupid Matthew.

I’ve been stupid busy lately.  I mean, that’s the point right?  I’ve been the starving artist, as they say, and I’ve been doing really well but lately I can honestly say I’ve quadrupled really well and I barely know how to keep up with it all.  I’m on a high, but a lot of the Matthew activities have had to go by the wayside while the spice flows and the work gets done.

And the spice MUST flow.

I’ve got a meeting with Michelle Poteet from Reclaim Order on Wednesday.  We have a lot to cover.  Michelle is the professional organizer that I turned to after graduating Sanera Camp.  Besides being a great friend Michelle can take my ADD self and teach me some organizational habits that really keep me from going off the deep end.

The good news keeps coming in lately, and it feels like if I announce to the world “I want to do more of X” then opportunities pertaining to the illustrious X start to appear.  I don’t know if I sold my soul to the devil in my sleep or what, but I’ve been very blessed (or cursed) lately with things generally growing very steadily.

Well, the casualty is my gaming.  Video games have been put away in favor of progress reports and that third mockup for X Y Z site with all the cool new stock images plugged in.  I think a week or two ago I said to a friend “I am going to play Final Fantasy XIII tonight!” with much certainty.  Needless to say by the time 9pm rolled around I was just too tired to spit, let alone play an intensive RPG like Final Fantasy.

I hardly recognize myself, and that is definitely a good thing, BUT there are reluctant parts of myself clinging to dear life to the liberties I had when times were easier.  Oh crap, am I growing up?  But… I don’t want to grow up!

The Toys’R’Us Giraffe made me a deal, I don’t have to grow up, are you saying cartoon Giraffe’s can’t be trusted?

At least I still refuse to wear a tie (or learn how to tie one).

That’s something right?