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Who cares?  No seriously.  When you pull up your web site, when you get right down to it, who cares?  Nothing created in the history of the world was widely loved and accepted by all, except maybe Susan Boyle.  Your web site is no exception, and it’s about time you asked yourself, who actually cares about my web site?

Who are your primary web visitors?  Ok, now that you know who they are, are they also your customers?  What do you want someone to do once they come to your web site?  Sometimes the best looking web sites have the worst conversion ratio.  So I’m going to ask you again, who cares?

Are you selling a product online?  If so are my questions answered before I have them?  How do you ship?  Are there related products, what is your policy on returns?  If you are advertising a physical store online, how hard is it for me to find the map?  How much text are you throwing at the user, how many people do you think will actually read your eight paragraph introduction about just how awesome your store is?

The truth is, nobody cares.  People are in a hurry nowadays and when they visit your site, they want to laugh, they want to answer a quick question, and they want to move on.  How can you make your web site into a product destination?  What struggles do your customers deal with every day?  Have you ever considered making fun of yourself?  Maybe publish a cartoon unique to your business?

The new e-consumer is much more likely to stay on your web site if you give them something of value to stay there for.  If you could tell the funniest story about your business, what would it be?  Could it be told via a Sunday Comics style cartoon?  Where could you put this on your site?  Would it be funny to the average consumer?

Start from the perspective that nobody cares, and start serving individual groups of people.  Target the groups you’re going to want to take actions.  If you could attract a group of people to your site, would they tell others about it?  Why would they?  What do you need to give them or share with them or offer them on your web site that’ll cause people to spread the word?  The answer is probably a lot easier than you think.

So stop creating content from the perspective of yourself, start creating content for the person that doesn’t care.  Who are they?  How can you make them care?  How can you make your web site stand out?  Don’t confuse a hit with a customer, give them a REASON to stay.