Live from the SEOmoz PRO Seminar

Today myself and Image Freedom VP of Operations Steven Addison are proud to be attending the SEOmoz PRO Seminar series at the Seattle Westin.  The sheer volume of SEO brainpower in the room is very impressive.  I’m inspired, intimidated and excited all wrapped up into one Adderall fueled fury.  We’re really stoked to be here.

SEOmoz PRO Seminar

We just broke into our first break here for the day and so far Rand Fishkin and David Mihm have discussed Image and Video results in the Search Engine Results, as well as what factors impact where you show up in a local result.  A lot of what we’re hearing today is about consistency and that is going to be echoed to just about everyone we work with upon our return.  Have you claimed all your listings?  Have you embraced Google places?

The room is packed with over 600 folks from various pieces of the Search Engine community with I’d say a majority hailing from Search Engine Optimization firms.  I’m excited to be here, excited to be fervently typing notes and most of all excited to get back home and put a lot of these new techniques into practice.

If you’re here, come and say hello, if you’re not stay tuned for some amazing insight into the sharpest minds of the SEO community.