My Fear of Stairs

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In 2007 I joined the Air Force.  It was actually my first visit to San Antonio, but there I was, an enlisted Airmen arriving in hot dry Texas.  A few weeks into my training my ankle swelled up to roughly the size of a football resulting in my spending the next several days admitted to Wilford Hall on IV meds.

To this day I’m not 100% sure what went wrong but roughly six months later I was released from the Air Force from complications related to that initial hospital visit.  My knees have never worked quite right since then.  The final diagnosis, be this correct or otherwise, was Patella Femoral Syndrome but I have to wonder, why does it still hurt?

My knee hasn’t given out the way it used to, but taking the stairs and going on long walks has become an activity to associate with pain.  Lately I’ve been in a wonderful whirlwind romance, and of course, she lives at the top of a case of stairs, in a three story apartment home.  Just my luck right?

I can take the stairs, sure, but it is a slow process, often painful whether I like it or not.  The first few days it was a chore, and I kept trudging up the stairs but I’ll tell you as time went on this “knee pain” label I’d given myself seemed like something I could actually overcome.  I’d actually jog up the stairs, taking them like I did as a kid.

When what you want is at the top of those stairs, do you hesitate?  My instinct was to nurse my legs, to take it slow, and that is wise to a point, but as my super secret romance tells me; “Sometimes you have to do things because it’s good for you, even when you don’t want to.”

The same applies in so many other areas, the hard thing might be the right thing, the label you thought you had might need to be overcome, and what is at the top of those stairs might just be worth the trouble.  What are you putting off doing because of a label?

What is waiting for you at the top of the stairs?