My Secret to Blogging

My blog is really important to me.  Not only as a marketing tool, and a great way to get yourself out there and linked to, but I really enjoy sharing thoughts about Internet Marketing and for the most part I have gotten great feedback.  This year I am working on the #100blogs challenge to write 100 Blogs in 100 (week)days.  So Monday through Friday I try to write a blog, be it personal or professional, it all usually ties back to the web SOMEHOW.

It is a struggle finding topics to Blog about, and everyone will find their own method, but I started writing notes to myself of possible topics on the inside of my accountability journal.  So on one side, is my daily to-do list, and on the opposite side, the left side in my case, is usually a list of two or three options to blog about.  This way I can go back and say, “Ok, I need a topic” and there are options from the saved thoughts of previous days.

That’s great, but what happens when you get busy?  This past week I haven’t been home much, and I tend to blog as an afterthought towards the end of the day.  So how do you stay on top of a daily blogging routine?  Write in advance!

So because I missed a couple of days this past week, I had to look at it and ask myself what the solution was.  What would I tell a client to do?  Writing blogs, in many cases four before you post one, ensures that even if you miss a day, you only have to catch up with yourself and your readers will never notice the gap in content.

So today, when you sit down to write your blog, why not write two?  Keep one in the can for a rainy day, and tomorrow write two as well and post today’s extra blog.  Make an editorial process of it, because the last thing any of us want to do is disappoint our readership.

What are you going to blog about?