What’s in a name?

The name of my business is “Image Freedom” and as I write this I am the #2 entry for “Image Freedom” on Google, and #1 on Bing for my homepage, #2 for my Blog.  Imagine if I didn’t rank for that keyword?  For a good long while I didn’t, and I noticed a big uptake in contact since I’ve made the change.

Why?  My keyword is “San Antonio SEO” right?  People aren’t going to know who I am if they’ve never heard of me!

Wrong.  A buying decision isn’t always reached immediately and it is very important that you rank for YOUR OWN NAME because of this.  If I visit your site, I may see that I like your site, I like your product, and then I might get distracted, write down the name, remember the name etc.

The key here is that when I sit back down, I may not have saved your bookmark, but I probably remember your name, or close enough to it to search for “image freedom” or “image seo”.  Every possibility needs to bring that person to your site.

This is the conundrum.  You want to have a very Keyword Heavy name, but if your name is so keyword heavy that your competitors start coming up when someone searches for you that could be bad for business.  I get a lot of searches for “image freedom seo” or “matthew egan seo tips” and “matthew egan image freedom” so it is very important that I have accounted for the possibility that I can’t always control how someone will search for me.

I know I know, more to worry about, but the good news is for most companies ranking #1 for your own name is pretty easy.  This is all a part of the keyword analysis process, establish ways that people could search for you, and make sure you have a strategy targeting each possibility.  You won’t always get #1 for every search term, but sometimes the tiniest bit of effort, a few well placed links with the right text as the clickable link (this is called anchor text) and you’ll start showing up #1 on some of the easier phrases.

So much emphasis is put on that one huge keyword, for me “San Antonio SEO” but if you’d heard of me, seen me speak, met me at an event, and you searched “matthew egan seo” I damn well better come up or that time spent shaking hands will be for nothing!

Would your site by any other name smell as sweet?
Ok, maybe that is over the top. =)